We start with bread…
September 3, 2007, 2:20 pm
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Bread is life. Ever since man first toiled the mill stone (and probably much before that) he has combined wheat and water to create the staple meal; the corner stone of our very being. Bread tends to pop up everywhere; in religion (“give us today etc. etc.”) to modern colloquialisms (“to break bread”), from the the hardy crusted artisan loaves, to the delicate butter brioche: bread is all encompassing, a mass of swirling complexities all help together by one staple principle: flour + water = bread.

And so we start with bread…

A Basic Dinner Roll

  • 2cup flour (any kind, feel free to experiment!)
  • 1tsp active dry yeast
  • 1cup luke warm water
  • 1Tsp olive oil
  • a pinch of salt

Stir the yeast and water thoroughly until the water turns an opaque color of clay. Next add the flour gradually, making sure not to “overwhelm” your mixture. During this process throw in the salt and a dash of olive oil. You should continue to add flour until your mixture begins to “ball” and shows signs of resistance.

Now leave your mixture to sit. It’s recommended you leave it in a cool, dry environment, but anywhere reasonably warm should do the trick. Make sure you do not touch it for a good half hour…

Next, sprinkle a board with flour and turn your ball out onto it, work your ball around with the palms of your hand and continue to kneed more flour into the mix until your palms can no longer push through the dough and meet with a reasonable resistance. Now its time to do whatsoever you may please! Divide your mixture into 4 and sculpt and mold them to your hearts desire! Create! Trumpets, horns, rolls, and more! There are a million techniques and absolutely no rules, so enjoy!

Once you are satisfied with your creations, take an oven tray and smear it with the remaining olive oil, now place your rolls onto the tray and place in a hot oven (180 C will usually do the trick) and leave to cook for roughly 20-30 minutes.

You can tell your rolls are ready when you break one open and find the center soft and springy rather than doughy and limp. Now is the time to enjoy, don’t let your creations cool! Tear them open! Smear them with slabs of (full fat!) butter and devour them whole!

Bread is about life and so, should be enjoyed with zest and great vigor, consequences (including a burnt tongue) BE DAMNED!


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