A nifty bit…
September 7, 2007, 2:43 pm
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After talking about steak earlier today I remembered a great little trick I was once shown. When cooking steak to order, one of the hardest tasks has to be knowing what that damn fillet is currently sitting at! If I have 5 cuts sitting in front of me, all of different measures of “done-ness”, how do I tell which is which without actually cutting them open to check? (one hell of a no-no by the way)

Well here’s the simplest and quite possibly best method i’ve come across to date. Of course there are plenty of expensive gadgets and implements to help you out, but i’m proud to say this technique uses the two best implements any cook owns: his hands!diagram

So here’s how its done: You see the picture in the title? Do that with your own hand. Now feel that plump muscle at the bottom of your thumb (so nicely pointed out to the left) feels juicy doesn’t it? Well funnily enough, this is (roughly) the same feeling as you get from pressing down gently on a rare steak! Brilliance! But it gets better…

If you move along and touch your thumb to your second finger, you will now get the rough “press-touch” of a medium steak. The next finger, in turn, presents a well done steak (boo!) and if you press your little finger? that my friend is one dead steak!

Of course cooking times vary with different types of meat and cut, I generally apply this to a 250gm sirloin cut. But feel free to have a play, it’s a great little system that’s definitely saved my bacon more than once or twice!